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  • Salt Lake City Educational Article of the Month - What Equipment is Needed to Trap an Opossum?

What Equipment is Needed to Trap an Opossum?

What Equipment is Needed to Trap an Opossum?

Trapping of an opossum is really a tricky procedure as the animal is totally nocturnal and freaks out in the ark leaving your trap empty. Moreover it also does not come out of its den or nest in the daytime. Therefore it is not at all possible to get the Salt Lake City opossum trapped in the light hours. However once you locate the animal, you should apply certain techniques so that the Utah opossum can be trapped and caught successfully. There is not a long list of equipment required to trap an opossum. The only thing you need is the cage and a suitable bait on which the Salt Lake City animal will come.

Trapping the opossum
There is a specific opossum trap cage which is easily available on the farm stores. It is basically the wire cage. Make sure the height and other dimensions are big enough to carry a large opossum. The doors of the cage should be in slanting position so that the entrance of animal is made easy but its exit is difficult on its own. The location where you want to trap the opossum depends on where it is residing in your Utah home. Most of the times, the opossums find their ways in the porch or such places where they can easily creep down and then they build their nests.

Bait to be put in trap
Usually the opossums easily get attracted towards the leftover food items in the Salt Lake City area. It is better if you put some leftover food near or on the cage trap. Then the procedure of catching the Utah opossums will be more speedy. The opossums are not particular about their food. They eat anything they find. Therefore if you set anything which they eat on the trap, they will come towards it and get their food. While getting it, there are chances that they can be trapped in the trap. Usually the bait is set at the point of entry of the cage trap. This is meant to tempt the opossum so that it will come near the trap. It has been found that pet food, marshmallows, tuna fish, fruit and any other food item of the same kind will act as the best bait to be set in the traps of opossums. Secondly it is also important to put some more bait at the end of the trap as well so that the Utah opossum can enter completely in the cage and may not escape after taking the food from the entrance of the cage.

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